Featured Work – BCOWW Catalog


What can we say………..BCOWW.

At BOX we call them B-WOW!!

This little company out of San Antonio is gearing up for a very successful future.

They came to BOX with a well received product called the “Texas Waffle Maker”. It is a boutique product that is selling in volumes the way that Texas is known for it’s “Bigger in Texas” take. A lot and many.

BOX not only developed the waffle mixes to accompany the Texas Waffle Maker, we assisted BCOWW in developing a gourmet food line, Beyond Basic Provisions, and implementing a web presence that allows BCOWW the ability to monitor and control multiple websites through one interface. A retail site, a wholesale site, a promotional site and whatever the B-WOW’s have in their widely and creative minds.

BCOWW and BOX………….just ask them…………